Deep House

‘These Branching Moments’ (1996) – Wamdue Kids

1996 – when the label ‘deep house’ pretty much did what it said on the tin: mellow, organic house music that tastefully borrowed soul or jazz elements that was distinguishable from more dancefloor oriented variations of the genre. Quite distinct from the ‘future house’ and ‘tropical house’ trends that the term is now also sometimes… Continue reading ‘These Branching Moments’ (1996) – Wamdue Kids


‘Together Is The New Alone’ (2001) – Donnacha Costello

‘For me – and I’ve said this a lot over the years – music has always been about emotional communication.’ ‘Donnacha Costello: Slowly Sinking In’ – Resident Advisor, 2015 Donnacha Costello is a producer with an acute awareness of the emotive intent behind his music. That much was evident upon my first listening of ‘Together… Continue reading ‘Together Is The New Alone’ (2001) – Donnacha Costello


‘Drowning In A Sea Of Love’ (2006) – Nathan Fake

Before I listened to this album, Nathan Fake was a name that had already appeared on my radar: his track ‘Outhouse’ was a standout track on James Holden’s immaculate Balance entry and later Holden’s ubiquitous remix of ‘The Sky Was Pink’ ensured everyone knew his name. Despite these glowing allusions to his ability, I wasn’t… Continue reading ‘Drowning In A Sea Of Love’ (2006) – Nathan Fake

Deep House

‘Nite:Life 06’ (2001) – Ian Pooley

I’m conscious that this is the third mix from the early noughties that I’ve reviewed. It’s not a period that’s often referred to in the annals of house music yet a unique sentiment must have enlivened those precious post-millennial years: a new, dizzy sense of optimism before the disillusionment of 9/11 set in. Listen to… Continue reading ‘Nite:Life 06’ (2001) – Ian Pooley


A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: September

10. ‘Watch Roger Do His Thang’ – Main Source Early 90s hip-hop track that shockingly advocates education over drug dealing! I really like the beat on this.     9. ‘Your Mother Should Know’ – The Beatles It’s probably ranking as one of my favourite Beatles’ numbers right now. Ridiculously catchy.     8. ‘Dressing Up’ –… Continue reading A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: September