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Top 20 Steely Dan Songs

At their height (1976-1980), Steely Dan achieved an unrivalled melding of jazz, funk and pop. While their demands for perfection were infamous (they sometimes requested their session musicians to record a track as many as 40 times before they were satisfied), their music never sounded overburdened. Ultimately, their songs aimed to please and please they… Continue reading Top 20 Steely Dan Songs


‘Pretzel Logic’ (1974) – Steely Dan

Steely Dan are a band renowned for three things: a unique blend of infectious jazz-rock, flawless sound production and their tongue in cheek irony. As an example of the latter, you may think the band’s name sounds like some nonsensical neologism on first hearing, but a little research will enlighten you: it actually derives from… Continue reading ‘Pretzel Logic’ (1974) – Steely Dan