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‘Choice – A Collection of Classics’ (2000) – Frankie Knuckles

I’m three records into Azuli Record’s excellent ‘Choice’ series – compilations that focus on compiling classic tracks that have influenced leading 90s house DJs. No surprise then that Godfather of House himself, Frankie Knuckle, was asked back in 2000 to helm the first entry. Aside from playing as resident DJ at the seminal Warehouse nightclub in Chicago,… Continue reading ‘Choice – A Collection of Classics’ (2000) – Frankie Knuckles


‘Borndom’ – Lauer (2015)

Phillip Lauer, a producer from Frankfurt, Germany, specialises in the type of playful, stirring disco you might expect to feature in a Gerd Janson set. He first caught my attention with his first album, ‘Phillips,’ which was a really enjoyable collection of wistful harmonies and sprightly basslines like this one: He doesn’t take any risks… Continue reading ‘Borndom’ – Lauer (2015)