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Top 20 Steely Dan Songs

At their height (1976-1980), Steely Dan achieved an unrivalled melding of jazz, funk and pop. While their demands for perfection were infamous (they sometimes requested their session musicians to record a track as many as 40 times before they were satisfied), their music never sounded overburdened. Ultimately, their songs aimed to please and please they… Continue reading Top 20 Steely Dan Songs


‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’ (1967) – Leonard Cohen

Regretfully, it was only after Leonard Cohen passed away in 2016 that I came to properly appreciate his work. Over his lifetime, Cohen’s work distinguished itself for its dark, spiritual and sensitive qualities. Already established as a renowned Canadian poet before he waded into the music industry, he possessed a command of language that loaded… Continue reading ‘Songs of Leonard Cohen’ (1967) – Leonard Cohen


‘Our Mother The Mountain’ (1969) – Townes Van Zandt

After watching ‘Be Here To Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt,’ you are left in no doubt about how singular a character this man was. Having to endure bouts of harmful insulin shock therapy as a young man and stints of heroin addiction and a near lifelong alcohol dependency, his time on earth… Continue reading ‘Our Mother The Mountain’ (1969) – Townes Van Zandt


‘Italo Hula Hoops’ (2010) – Flemming Dalum

Flemming Dalum: the first artist I have reviewed twice on this blog. I told myself I wouldn’t do this to keep it varied but I couldn’t resist after I heard this mix – without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best that I have heard of any genre. I can confirm at this… Continue reading ‘Italo Hula Hoops’ (2010) – Flemming Dalum


‘Magik One: First Flight’ (1997) – DJ Tiësto

‘Greatest DJ of All Time’ I think not, but the man must be saluted for his contribution to trance music. Churning out a slew of memorable mix CDs during the late 90s and early 00s, Tiësto exhibited the genre’s many shades. Whether it was the sultry vocal trance of his ‘In Search of Sunrise’ series,… Continue reading ‘Magik One: First Flight’ (1997) – DJ Tiësto

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‘Speaking In Tongues’ (1983) – Talking Heads

Talking Heads are a band interesting for their unique meld of influences: in stages over their sixteen year existence, the former New York art students have successfully joined the dots between hard-edged punk, danceable funk, synth-driven new wave and the more intricate rhythms of afrobeat. Having duly received heaps of critical favour for this experimentation, which for a period was… Continue reading ‘Speaking In Tongues’ (1983) – Talking Heads