‘Italo Hula Hoops’ (2010) – Flemming Dalum

Flemming Dalum: the first artist I have reviewed twice on this blog. I told myself I wouldn’t do this to keep it varied but I couldn’t resist after I heard this mix – without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best that I have heard of any genre.

I can confirm at this stage that I am now a full-blown Italo addict. Energetic, flamboyant and carefree – there’s no better mood enhancer. I find myself now always needing to have an album on my iPod in case I need a fix and this has proved to be the fix of all fixes! I can vouch that every track on here brings something to the table but it’s not just the track selection. The pacing and arrangement of the mix is keen with no discernible lulls. It’s one that will keep you hanging on for the next track until the very end.

‘My Dream’ is a great tune to open on, its driving synth and rubbery bassline more than capable of getting the blood flowing.


Sandy & Cromo’s ‘I Can,’ which also appeared on ‘The Holy Grail of Italo Disco,’ revels in its starry-eyed campness before we’re hit with two blinders: ‘Shankle’ and ‘Invisible’ – the latter definitely stakes a strong claim to being my favourite Italo tune. It’s got an electrifying build and release structure with the vocal too being quite memorable.


‘Another Game’ sounds fresh and sprightly prior to Sterling St Jacques’ more impassioned ‘Mister Moonlight.’ The next track, ‘Di Mi Quando,’ serves as a cooldown with its catchy refrain before we’re plunged head first into the throes of a sweaty dancefloor by dent of the steamy ‘Let Me Feel Your Body.’ Marco Martina’s ‘Venture In My Heart’ is a fine specimen of the genre – it’s all about that driving vocal.


Regina’s ‘Mira Me’ would be a great singalong if I knew Spanish while ‘Ciao Siciliano’ boasts a tasty, raw bassline that sets the scene suitably for the rousing ‘Out Of My Mind.’ Big tune with a massive, zany synth splurge in the middle! Heady stuff.


‘Sexy Lady’ is quite twee but in a winning way. 1989 was a year when Italo was on its last legs but Italian sextet Love Kills proved the genre was still capable of churning out a few gems like ‘I Want To Become.’ You can detect the influence of synth-pop here – those strings and ethereal effects remind me a lot of Pet Shop Boys in particular.


‘Paradiso’ is a quality, high-energy track with its distinct staccato vocal. Meanwhile, a deliciously gnarly synth announces ‘Give Me Your Heart’ – a track that maintains a markedly wistful air. Rene’s ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ has a tidy arrangement with its loopy bass and synth. ‘Fashion Girl’ has a mellow, spacey production style which signals a welcome simmering down of the tempo. The Matterhorn Project’s ‘Love In Space’ continues this trend with its beautiful, expansive soundscape – seductive coos, delayed vocals and synth flurries all adding to the space theatrics!


Rudy’s ‘Different Words’ serves up some no frills, sticky pop before the mix bows out with one last blast of energy in the form of ‘Coca Nae.’

There you have it: another special, cracking mix from the maestro Flemming Dalum. Whether you’re a newcomer to the genre or an Italo aficionado, this will get you into the groove. There won’t be many other mixes you’ll feel such a strong desire to play again and again… and that will light your face up with a big, fat, satiated smile so reliably.

Rating: 5/5


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