A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: September

10. ‘Watch Roger Do His Thang’ – Main Source

Early 90s hip-hop track that shockingly advocates education over drug dealing! I really like the beat on this.



9. ‘Your Mother Should Know’ – The Beatles

It’s probably ranking as one of my favourite Beatles’ numbers right now. Ridiculously catchy.



8. ‘Dressing Up’ – The Cure

A dreamy track – soothing and eerie in equal measure. It’s a shame people don’t mention ‘The Top’ as much as their more acclaimed work – killer album!



7. ‘Krafterah’ – Clouds

Uncompromising, well-engineered techno from the Clouds boys – one of their lesser known but top drawer nonetheless.



6. ‘Love Hangover’ – Diana Ross

Why have I only heard this recently? One of the greatest disco grooves.



6. ‘Tim’s Keys’ – Marquis Hawkes

A silky track off his recent album.



5. ‘Shimmer’ – Benjamin Damage

Rich, starry-eyed techno from one of my favourite producers.



4. ‘Shout-N-Out’ – Loud Feat. Donnell Rush

You won’t find a garage track that slams harder than this belter. Some ace scatting from the late Donell Rush too.



2. ‘It’s All Right’ – Alex

Some syrupy, synthesised italo – you wouldn’t want it any other way.



  1. ‘Teresia’ – Huruma Boys Band

Rough, ready and flat out funky.





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