A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: June

10. ‘Woman To Woman’ – Moomin Charming slice from his recent album. Watch that peach of a bassline.   9. ‘Casbah Breakdown (Joey Negro Re-Edit)’ – Brad Shitt Joey Negro tastefully melds a Clash classic into a dancefloor weapon.   8. ‘Ai No Corrida’ – Chaz Junkel Infectious, funky disco from 1980. I prefer this to the… Continue reading A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: June


‘At Last!’ (1961) – Etta James

With the huge rise in interconnectivity brought about by our friend the Internet, an increasing amount of clearance is being set aside in our precious headspace for the momentary icons of Western popular consciousness. Lately, the kids at school won’t stop going on about a guy called John Cena – a wrestler who inadvertently spawned an internet meme. Now, thanks… Continue reading ‘At Last!’ (1961) – Etta James

Deep House

‘Nude Tempo One’ (2002) – Miguel Migs

Sun-drenched days, sultry evenings and – in the words of a certain, notorious Detroiter – long, hot, sexy nights. All images that relate to summer and, in my mind at least, to this sizzling, deep house mix from Miguel Migs. Notable for their spacey, soulful house aesthetic and downright naughty cover art, San Francisco based… Continue reading ‘Nude Tempo One’ (2002) – Miguel Migs