A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: May

10. ‘Track 2’ – Alex Cortex

A fresh, icy slice of IDM airiness from Alex Neumann’s ‘Laconic’ LP.



9. ‘This Life’ – Denzel Curry

Catchy, bass-heavy track from the Florida rapper’s recent mixtape.



8. ‘One Mo’Gin’ – D’Angelo

Peach of a beat on this. Deep, bewitching funk from an R’n’B maestro. Not hard to see why he called the album ‘Voodoo!’



7. ‘All You Can Do Is Dance (Club Mix)’ – Radio Free

Sweet bassline, lifting strings and subtle acid washes on this jacking house cut from ’87.



6. ‘Kiss Me Baby’ – The Beach Boys

The way Brian Wilson croons the line ‘Can’t remember what we fought about’ (and such lines) must be one of the most melodious string of syllables the human voice has ever uttered.



5. ‘Daydreaming’ – Radiohead

A gauzy, bare bones arrangement, inducing an introspective trance like only Radiohead can. I was worried my expectations for their new album were going to be too high considering how much I loved ‘King Of Limbs’ but they’ve damn well surpassed them somehow!



4. ‘I Need Somebody To Love Tonight’ – Sylvester

The production by Patrick Cowley here is immense. A spellbinding, emotive, late night synth harmony.



3. ‘Let Your Love Show’ – Terrence Parker

On a bit of a Terrence Parker binge at the moment. The vocal sample on this… just a tad addictive!



2. ‘Warp (Ilo Edit)’ – New Musik

Heavenly chimes and a subtly funky bassline – as wispy as a feather caught in an updraft.



1. ‘Spotlight (Pittsburgh Track Authority Remix)’ – Jennifer Hudson

Cannot get enough of that bassline! Driving me mad that I can’t find it on Soulseek.




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