A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: May

10. ‘Track 2’ – Alex Cortex A fresh, icy slice of IDM airiness from Alex Neumann’s ‘Laconic’ LP.     9. ‘This Life’ – Denzel Curry Catchy, bass-heavy track from the Florida rapper’s recent mixtape.     8. ‘One Mo’Gin’ – D’Angelo Peach of a beat on this. Deep, bewitching funk from an R’n’B maestro. Not… Continue reading A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: May


‘Speech And Silence’ – Automatic Tasty (2012)

Wicklow-based Jonny Dillon has been dreaming up wistful, childlike melodies for almost a decade now. His distinct style, recalling the sincerity of early Aphex Twin releases and the sub-aqua bubbles of Drexciya, centres on a warm, playful brand of electro. On this 2012 LP release, the moods range from nostalgia to exuberance, light amusement to deep… Continue reading ‘Speech And Silence’ – Automatic Tasty (2012)

Disco · House

‘Choice – A Collection of Classics’ (2000) – Frankie Knuckles

I’m three records into Azuli Record’s excellent ‘Choice’ series – compilations that focus on compiling classic tracks that have influenced leading 90s house DJs. No surprise then that Godfather of House himself, Frankie Knuckle, was asked back in 2000 to helm the first entry. Aside from playing as resident DJ at the seminal Warehouse nightclub in Chicago,… Continue reading ‘Choice – A Collection of Classics’ (2000) – Frankie Knuckles