A Few Tunes That Are Stuck In My Head: March

panic in detroit

  1. ‘Lotus Flower’ – Radiohead

Call me cheeky for including this when it already appeared on my ‘Top 20 Radiohead Songs’ post but thought I’d put it in here as well to emphasise just how ridiculously catchy that chorus is: ‘Just to see whaaaat if!’ Still pissed I couldn’t get tickets!



  1. ‘Mr Soul’ – Neil Young

Mr Young gives this Buffalo Springfield classic the electronic treatment. Results are surprisingly addictive. Check the mean guitar solo.



  1. ‘Rebel Dance’ – Observer Allstars And King Tubby

Have spent a fair few Sunday afternoons marking with this LP on. Spring has arrived!



  1. ‘Head Over Heels’ – Tears For Fears

You might remember it from ‘Donnie Darko.’ Absolute earworm. Expect to find yourself randomly belting this out at inappropriate moments.



  1. ‘After Dawn’ – Letherette

The climax of Jon Hopkins ‘LateNight Tales’ entry. A good pre-drinking tune.



  1. ‘Everyone’s Gone To The Movies’ – Steely Dan

My love affair with the Dan continues. Total earcandy this one. I’m baffled as to why they didn’t release it as a single. Maybe it’s because it seems to be about a paedophile… hmm…



  1. ‘Dance Slam’ – Glenn Underground

A bassline fit to shake a multitude of asses.



  1. ‘Drama’ – Derrick May

Makes you feels like you’re bounding through the cosmos on some big-ass space hopper. Probably my favourite track from the ‘Innovator’ comp.



  1. ‘Solarian Six’ – Danny Wang

Insanely grooooovy track from disco doyen Wang.



  1. ‘Satisfaction’ – Inertia

I came across this sultry gem on the ‘Panic in Detroit’ comp. Turns out it’s no other than ‘Voodoo Ray’ shaman Gerald Simpson. Shteamy shtuff.





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