‘Pretzel Logic’ (1974) – Steely Dan

Steely Dan are a band renowned for three things: a unique blend of infectious jazz-rock, flawless sound production and their tongue in cheek irony. As an example of the latter, you may think the band’s name sounds like some nonsensical neologism on first hearing, but a little research will enlighten you: it actually derives from… Continue reading ‘Pretzel Logic’ (1974) – Steely Dan


‘Deep Train 2: Destination Soul’ (2002) – The Timewriter

Jean Frank Cochois is a name which will be familiar to anyone who has developed an appreciation for the deeper strands of house music. From his excellent solo studio effort ‘Diary Of A Lonely Sailor’ to the delicately poised ambient albums released under his birth name to his exquisite, much coveted contributions to his co-owned… Continue reading ‘Deep Train 2: Destination Soul’ (2002) – The Timewriter