Funk · List

10 Funk Bombs

Ten dope, freaking, funky tracks to get you in party mode for the festive season.

Music to make you go:


10. ‘Mu Africa’ – The Rift Valley Brothers

An almighty riff contained in this. Dynamite.


  1. ‘We Got The Funk’ – Positive Force (1979)

Really fun party vibe here. Good times.


  1. ‘Share The Night (Breakdown Mix)’ – World Premiere (1983)

The bassline on this hits like a slap in the face! Opening’s got great drums too.


  1. ‘T&W Lab File #11’ – Wiki & Leaks (2011)

A spectacular edit with a killer vocal.


  1. ‘Walkman’ – Kasso (1981)

Just real feel good funky music.


  1. ‘Funk It Up’ – Miami (1974)

You can’t help but feel like a boss when this drops. An incredible groover.


  1. ‘Inferno’ – Sound Stream (2012)

Another edit. Bassline hits HARD.


  1. ‘Shack Up’ – Banbarra (1975)

Ooof! Can nearly smell the sweat off this one! A classic, much sampled drum breakdown in the middle.


  1. ‘Dancer’ – Gino Dancer (1979)

If I had to have a fifteen second loop stuck in my head for the rest of my life, it would probably be from 1.03 to 1.18 on this. Pure heat!


  1. ‘Echo By Midnight’ – Danny Wang (2004)

Quite possibly the greatest bassline I’ve ever heard… not saying that lightly!



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