‘Penetrate Deeper’ – Deep Dish (1995)

To paraphrase that infamous ‘Effin’ Eddie Moroney GAA commentary, this is definitely, probably one of the greatest mixes in house music circumstances.

Hailing from Washington D.C., Deep Dish hit the big time in the mid-00s, scoring a few cheesy chart hits such as ‘Flashdance,’ ‘Say Hello,’ and ‘Dreams’ – songs that will no doubt have smeared their imprint on your memory were you a sentient being at the time.

Before dedicating their undeniable talents to churning out mainstream money-spinners, the duo – Ali Shirazinia, aka Dubfire, and Sharam Tayebi – were progressive house heavyweights, making their mark on the hallowed Global Underground and Renaissance mix series.

However, before the chart climbing and the tired fixation on the ‘pots and pans’ style tribal drums, Deep Dish served us up this piping hot, bass-crusted, synth-drizzled masterpiece.

The journey begins with the jazzy wooziness of the duo’s remix of ‘Cassa De X,’ warming up the drums before bringing them in full clatter. The drums are a big strength of this mix, booming and resonant without sounding dry.

The second version of ‘Cassa’ sees the hi-hats welcomingly bound in before the bliss-laden melody and elastic bass of  ‘The Moment Of Truth (Brighter Days Remix)’ arrives – a track that oozes the breeziness of summertime.

The warm, hazy synth and neatly sliced vocals of Dubfire’s take on ‘Lonely Winter’ ratchets up the party vibes before Danny Tenaglia’s MAMMOTH edit of ‘High Frequency.’ This one is an absolute stomper! About a minute and a half in, the manic percussion that the tracks leads out with takes a break to give the mantra ‘breaaaaathe’ room to… well, breathe before the most cavernous bassline you’ve ever heard ricochets loose! We are treated to another outright moment deeper into this cut when a belting synth melody drops after the 5.15 mark over some well-placed strings. Music to send you soaring up into the ether.

The euphoria is sustained into ‘Feeling the Fire’ where the Deep Dish trademark thumping bass, chopped vocal and tipsy synth conjures its magic again.

Halfway through the mix, we’re met with remix virtuoso Carl Craig’s ubiquitous remix of BT’s ‘Relativity.’ Having sexed up both Laurent Garnier’s ‘X-Mix 2’ and Ian Pooley’s ‘Excursions,’ it’s a welcome presence here too, strutting out its funky bass and sensual ‘ooh ooh ooh’ vocal.

The ambient swathe of ‘After Ours’ shades the mix nicely before that eager bass thud edges its way back into the mix.  The mellow vibes of ‘A Feeling’ and Sharam’s more upbeat dub of ‘Lonely Winter’ keeps the mix buzzing ahead of the playful, giddy refrain of Sharam’s version of ‘The Dream’ – hands down, one of the best moments on this release. Halfway through the track, he repeats Tenaglia’s trick, allowing a sleek baseline to drop in splendid isolation.

The heady bounce of Dubfire’s remix of ‘The Dream’ maintains the tempo while uplifting flutes make an appearance on DD’s remix of ‘Relativity,’ teeing up fitting closer ‘The Moment of Truth’ – a gorgeous medley of organ, sax, piano, and trumpet astride a  thumping garage bassline.

All in all, a magic, energetic, and varied mix replete with those rapturous ‘moments.’ You need to hear this if you have any interest in house music. Sure, this mix is twenty years old now, but music like this is timeless.

Rating: 5/5

Standout Tracks: High Frequency (Danny’s Ballroom Edit), The Dream (Sharam’s Deep Dish Dreamscape), The Moment Of Truth (Blue Note Dub)


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