‘Future History’ – Joris Voorn (2004)

Tech-house has been collapsing under its own weight over the last few years, a genre often parodied for its staleness and stagnant blends: ‘Man Watching Paint Dry To Escape The Monotonous Drudgery Of Another Tech-House Clubnight’ What do I mean by Tech-house? No doubt, different people have different definitions. I would term it as not… Continue reading ‘Future History’ – Joris Voorn (2004)


‘They! Live’ – Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (2011)

For some reason, I feel an unusual, intimate connection with this album. It might even be my favourite album of any genre. On it, Damage and Daneeka, two producers from Swansea, create a truly euphoric, intoxicating blend of techno, house and electro with every track guaranteed to make the hairs stand on the back of… Continue reading ‘They! Live’ – Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka (2011)


‘Borndom’ – Lauer (2015)

Phillip Lauer, a producer from Frankfurt, Germany, specialises in the type of playful, stirring disco you might expect to feature in a Gerd Janson set. He first caught my attention with his first album, ‘Phillips,’ which was a really enjoyable collection of wistful harmonies and sprightly basslines like this one: He doesn’t take any risks… Continue reading ‘Borndom’ – Lauer (2015)


‘Penetrate Deeper’ – Deep Dish (1995)

To paraphrase that infamous ‘Effin’ Eddie Moroney GAA commentary, this is definitely, probably one of the greatest mixes in house music circumstances. Hailing from Washington D.C., Deep Dish hit the big time in the mid-00s, scoring a few cheesy chart hits such as ‘Flashdance,’ ‘Say Hello,’ and ‘Dreams’ – songs that will no doubt have… Continue reading ‘Penetrate Deeper’ – Deep Dish (1995)